Monday, August 31, 2009

this is home

yay + hooray! my entry just got posted on the "this is home" contest blog! the contest ends today, so if you want to submit an entry, you'd better hurry! here is my entry ::

after today's deadline, you can visit the blog :: and vote for your favorite. there will be 10 winners that will receive a postcard pack of the winning entries :: the pack will be sold on etsy at the thisishome shop.

thanks to cindy at quaint handmade blog for the heads-up on the contest (she has an entry too!)

photo by me


  1. your entry is sooo cute! good job!

  2. your entry is fantastic! i'm so glad you created one. good luck!

  3. beautiful graphics and fantastic colors. I love it !

  4. way cool! I'll definitely vote for yours. :)