Friday, August 28, 2009

love me some coffee

ahhhh... i do love my morning coffee. one may think this odd since i only drink decaf. ah, but this is the contradiction that is i, darlingsavage. you see, caffeine makes me freak out a bit, so i had to quit drinking the stuff about a year ago. actually, i used to be such a coffee addict, i had to wean myself down to decaf:: i'd order half-caff's for awhile and then gradually make the switch.

and speaking of coffee, i have started making re-usable coffee sleeves for the most wonderful coffee shop in portland, vivo espresso. shop owner tutti (i might have spelled her name wrong, sorry!) asked me to make some and she would sell them for me! sold one already, woo hoo!

i will have photos of the coffee sleeves soon, but i am currently waiting for my new camera to arrive via UPS! {i already gave my old one to my sister}. i cannot tell you how excited i am about it... just wait until i start posting the pics! you'll see what i'm so excited about!

have a wonderful weekend all!
*hugs hugs*

photo by me


  1. what would happen when you drank coffee? You don't actually have to tell me, but I'm curious because I'm having some coffee related issues right now.

  2. Coffee used to make me go loco as well. I just started having lattes again, just one a week or so, and that seems to be alright. Mostly I stick to tea though :)

  3. I also tend to drink coffee for the taste and not for the caffeine... and ooh, a new camera?! That's very exciting.