Friday, May 21, 2010

i wanna go shopping

hi! i'm here!
my blog appearances have been spotty lately, to say the least. i have been incredibly busy for the past few weeks running my wedding invitation business, raising kittens, and trying to add new items to the darling savage shop! it seems i'm always working when i could really use a day for fun + frivolity. wait, i know- i'm going shopping! right here, right now.

let's see... ooh, i want these ::

these adorable patterned mail kits available at present & correct.

this book. available here.

these darling wooden doily coasters by uncommon

this "healing" art print by shirae
this stripe brenda dress by cabbages and roses. looks so comfy!

and that's just a start. aw, darn, back to reality. well, reality isn't so bad when you get to work at home with kittens sleeping on your lap.... actually, it's not a bad thing at all. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

three wish fish

the fishies are up in the shop and ready for new homes!

so far my fishies have been featured in 5 etsy treasuries! yay + hooray!
you can see these little guys and more in the darlingsavage shop- please stop by and say hello!

Monday, May 10, 2010

the show

crafty wonderland was over a week ago, but i finally have a moment to blog about it! it was quite a long weekend, but as always, loads of fun.

i introduced my new photographic prints and postcards for this show- they were a hit! {coming to the etsy shop later this week!}

i also sold some of my "three wish fish", as i decided to call them- see, you get one wish granted per fish. i told this to a little girl who was at the show with her dad and she looked a little perplexed.

there is jenny's gorgeous booth and jenny looking cute as usual. {i love that dress!} jenny's etsy shop will be opening soon, be sure to check out her fabulous reclaimed leather and felt goods.

and me with all of my wares!
thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who supports handmade artisans + crafters. we love what we do and we couldn't do it without you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

kitten season is here

i had a feeling they were coming... but boy was i surprised to find a litter of week-old kittens last week! for the past six months i've been biking across town to go check on tricksie, a feral cat that i've been feeding since discovering her previous litter last fall. dx and i were dropping off some food and almost missed the little guys- but there they were, cuddled up in next to an abandoned house.

we debated taking them or not- after all, they had their momma, but they were so exposed! dx pointed out that a raccoon or some other big critter could come along and gobble them up, so we put them in a shopping bag and brought them home.

we had never taken care of kittens this young before, so we did a little internet research to find out what to do next. and wow. this might be something like having a human baby. bottle-feedings every three hours, daily bathings {they are constantly soiling themselves}- these guys need a lot of attention! we feel like new parents getting up in the middle of the night to feed the babies. oy.

but they are so CUTE! just look at these faces- they look exactly like tricksie. we think they are about two weeks old now, maybe a couple of days more. we can't really tell them apart, except one has a crooked tail and one is tinier than the others.

Align Center
but they all have their eyes open and seem quite healthy + energetic. and they squeak a lot.

as a side note, i do have a plan to trap tricksie and get her spayed, but it's going to be a challenge- she's not human-friendly at all. but i'll figure something out... it's so important to spay + neuter cats and dogs and keep the population in check.

despite the two a.m. feedings and constant messes, i'm loving every minute with these cuties. we're planning to keep them for about a month longer and then adopt them out, although i think we'll end up keeping two for pets. yay kitties!