Thursday, December 17, 2009


new to my etsy shoppe :: the fabric-covered flasks!
these fabrics are a commercial upholstery fabric called "sudden" by textile company maharam. the fabric is polyurethane, which is highly durable and applied with strong adhesive.
each flask has colorful wavy stitching for a little bit of character.

see more flasks in my etsy shoppe! more coming soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wobbly plates

i love the simplicity and raw beauty of these "wobbly plates"- ceramic wares by atelierBB on etsy. each one is uniquely formed and "wobbly"- which is a cute way of saying imperfect. :) but beautiful nonetheless...

the colors are so wonderfully bright and happy! and each bowl or plate is imprinted with a lace motif, creating a delicate texture.

i'll take one of each, please.

shop atelierBB on etsy!

Monday, December 14, 2009


what a weekend! the crafty wonderland super colossal holiday sale was SO much fun!! i spent a total of 10 hours setting up, selling, chatting, and having a great time. and yes, i'm still recovering.

here's my booth set-up. i was lucky enough to get a corner spot, woo!

some zipper pouches...

i made some holiday-themed tea towels and coasters just for the occasion...

more of the coasters, zipper pouches and some hand-knotted bracelets that my sister made...

there's dx at my booth pretending to be helpful... :)

i made some vinyl-covered flasks, they were a big hit (more to be listed on etsy very soon!) ...

some of the bags i made {i added wooden buttons on the front, they're so much cuter now!} ...

greeting cards...

i had enough room to create a little display for my wedding invitation business, paper + pinafore...

here's sam with her beautiful collages, available in her etsy shop, yellow line studio...

so colorful, i love sam's artwork!

and i made a little extra holiday money to boot!
i will be spending the next few days listing more goodies in my etsy shop, so don't forget to stop by for holiday gifts and goodies!

Friday, December 11, 2009

pikku wares

i just went browsing on etsy specifically looking for handmade wrapping paper. that's how i found pikku wares.
"pikku" is finnish for "little" or "tiny" and is quite an appropriate name for this darling shop. there are only 15 items for sale but they are all beautifully-designed paper products with a hint of scandinavian style in vibrant colors ::

pikku dot wrap

baubles wrap

crazy daisy wrap

squared wrap

happy days calendar . spot

wrap around note cards

i love everything in this shop! visit pikku wares on

Thursday, December 10, 2009

crafty wonderland super colossal holiday sale!

it's the event of the year! buy handmade for the holidays!!
come to my booth and say hello!
see you there! ~havilah

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

etsy petsy

since i've been posting about kitties and puppies a lot in the past few months, i thought i'd take a peek at the etsy "pets" category and see what crafty people are making for their furry little friends. as i suspected, there's a lot of, um..., weird stuff in there. toys, treats, collars, beds- some of it is cute and some is crazy-old-cat-lady-type kooky. there is also a wide variety of {scary} pet clothes and {creepy} pet portraits. suprisingly, i couldn't find one particular seller that i wanted to feature, rather a few different products from different sellers.
so here it is, the best of etsy pets ::

retro modern pet bed in textured avocado by like kittysville

visit the pets category on etsy. you'll be amazed. :)

naughty and nice

i just love visiting little eloise but she is so hard to photograph! she just bounces around non-stop and every time i get down on my knees and point the camera at her, she just runs right toward it at top speed. i managed to grab a few cute pics today in the sunshine ::


and nice.
puppies can get away with anything.

Monday, December 7, 2009

etsy beauty :: portland general store

i get the feeling that portland, maine and portland, oregon are similar in many ways. mainers... eh, mainiacs..., um,..... people from maine seem to really love where they live and the same is true for oregonians {those from our portland, anyway}.
i stumbled upon the portland general store after realizing that i have never browsed etsy for any bath or beauty products. these amazing-looking body-care products and fragrances are made by lisa brodar of portland, maine. the packaging is brilliant- vintage looking bottles with faded print. have a look at some of the product photos ::

whiskey? yes, please.

most of portland general store's products are for men, but there are a few fragrances that could work for both men and women. i was thinking of getting a fragrance for dx, but maybe something for myself too...? whiskey! hooray!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

more new to shoppe!

yes, sometimes i like to spell shoppe with two "p"s and an "e". it looks cuter, i dunno.

more zipper pouches made from reclaimed upholstery fabric samples. all zippers from SCRAP.

Friday, December 4, 2009

etsy toys :: willowbaus

what a treat it was to find willowbaus on etsy! aren't these amazingly adorable? and this a local shop for me- the seller lives in portland, oregon. everything is made from earth-friendly, non-toxic materials- perfect for children. if i had kids, this would be the kind of ideal toy i would love to give them.

little sailboats and rowboats and bright colors, i love it!
visit willowbaus on etsy