Monday, December 7, 2009

etsy beauty :: portland general store

i get the feeling that portland, maine and portland, oregon are similar in many ways. mainers... eh, mainiacs..., um,..... people from maine seem to really love where they live and the same is true for oregonians {those from our portland, anyway}.
i stumbled upon the portland general store after realizing that i have never browsed etsy for any bath or beauty products. these amazing-looking body-care products and fragrances are made by lisa brodar of portland, maine. the packaging is brilliant- vintage looking bottles with faded print. have a look at some of the product photos ::

whiskey? yes, please.

most of portland general store's products are for men, but there are a few fragrances that could work for both men and women. i was thinking of getting a fragrance for dx, but maybe something for myself too...? whiskey! hooray!

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  1. Since you were looking for handmade beauty products, I though you might like to check out my sister-in-law's website:

    She makes salt scrubs, lotions and such in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As the same suggests, she uses natural ingredients and prides herself on making things that are truly good for the body. I LOVE the salt scrubs and have recently started using them on my face as well as the rest of me.