Friday, June 25, 2010

the awesome recap

i'm a little late, but i'd like to blog a bit about my experience at the summit of awesome a couple of weeks ago. {and, yes,... it was pretty awesome.} the gals at hello craft put on one heck of a conference. it was well organized and jam-packed with amazing crafty-celebrities, some of whom i got to meet! including ::

kari chapin, author of "handmade marketplace" (an awesome read for crafters that want to go into business!)

pat & aaron of if you haven't stopped by, check it out!

susan beal, author of "button it up" and other crafty books

jena of popular blog modish

cathy + torie of crafty wonderland

even danielle xo from etsy!!!

i learned a lot of great business tips, now i just have to put them into action! i highly recommend attending this conference next year if the handmade lifestyle is something you'd like to pursue for a living. it was very inspiring and i felt a sort of... well,... a crafty-connection with everyone in attendance. These are definitely my peeps.

and then, of course...

to wrap up the week, the show of awesome was held at the ol' crafty wonderland haunt, the doug fir lounge. as a vendor (that's me at the top left in the blue shirt, doing something crafty no doubt), it was amazing to be among some serious crafty superstars including :

+ many others

it was a super fun way to end four days of crafty heaven.
and afterwards, i took a long nap. :)

top photo by leethal
bottom photo by a bardis

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summit of awesome

i am very excited...

i will be attending the summit of awesome for the next three days, right here in portland! there will be speakers, workshops, how-tos, and lots of networking opportunities for crafty business owners like me. and...

the week ends with the show of awesome on saturday, a craft show with some seriously big names in the crafty world... and i was asked to be a part of it!! this is going to be, um... awesome! if you're in portland, please come say hello! hope to see you there!

my sport

i had to share this picture i took a couple of weeks ago at the waterfront in portland, oregon. that's a dragon boat in the bottom corner. dragon boating is my one sport (otherwise, i'm not terribly athletic).

it's actually quite a workout but it's a fun team sport. as long as it's not raining. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

dress obsess

i have an unhealthy obsession with dresses :: much like some women obsess over shoes or jewelry, i positively drool over a beautiful dress. thankfully, due to a strong will and a weak checkbook, i tend to refrain from buying such unnecessary items very often.
this is the latest object of my affections...
$61.99 at modcloth. that's not a bad deal for a nice dress... but it's not exactly a "wear anywhere" dress and it doesn't look easy to ride a bike in...
rats. common sense, you win again.

Friday, June 4, 2010


the kittens at four weeks old...