Sunday, May 31, 2009

food love

if you know me at all, then you know i love food. i love to eat it, yes, but i don't mind looking at pretty pictures of it either. i went browsing around flickr today just looking for lovely photos of food and drink.  here are some of my faves...

fufu berry? well, i'd try it. pink soda, yum!

Friday, May 29, 2009

frankie magazine

frankie magazine is an adorable australian mag devoted to the latest trends in art, fashion, crafts, and music. their website is pretty darned adorable too- i found these darling wallpapers that anyone can download to their computers. check 'em out...

there are several more downloadable wallpapers on the website,  as well as lots of little articles on all kinds of fun and pretty things. enjoy! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pretty prints :: irene suchocki

these are some of the prettiest prints i've ever seen! irene suchocki's etsy shop is chock full of 'em.  her style is so wistful and elegant, it makes me want to jump inside each of her photos and feel all sparkly and soft. 

photos by irenesuchocki

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer dresses

i just found this dress at my favorite resale shop buffalo exchange for $14! i just love a good deal. since the weather has gotten warmer, i've been seeing girls in cute dresses all over the city, so i felt inspired to dress-shop myself. here are some other dresses i would love to own...

and the best part is, i still have all summer to look for the perfect little dress. hooray for summer!
pics from the  bottom up: beklina, loyale, anthropologie, and me! in soprano

Friday, May 22, 2009

rose festival weekend

it's going to be a lovely weekend in portland! not only is it memorial day weekend but it's also the kick-off for portland's rose festival! rose festival is our city's annual celebration that includes several parades, fun activities, and a "waterfront village" with lots of rides and food stands and the usual fun stuff. it's more for kids than adults, but i do have fond memories of rose festival as a child so i don't mind the craziness.  i might not attend the rose festival but i do plan on enjoying the sunny weather this weekend. it's going to be entirely too nice to stay inside.

i took these pics as they were setting up the rides at waterfront village. have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

etsy finds :: forestbound

forestbound is one of those etsy shops that i instantly fell in love with. i just saw one single product and already knew that the rest were going to be spectacular. forestbound bags and pouches are made from recycled vintage military textiles so you know they will be sturdy and last forever. many of the items are embellished with antique lace which makes them seem more sweet and dainty. and they are so well photographed, they could almost be sold as prints.

sadly, the etsy shop is sold out right now, but i will keep my eye on this one. fabulous.
found via frolic! blog

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fiber artist :: mandy greer

if you live in portland and haven't been to the museum of contemporary craft lately, head on over there before the end of may! you can see fiber artist mandy greer's installation titled "dare alla luce", which is italian for "to give to the light". it an amazing, giant piece made up of an unimaginable amount of yarn, thread, felt, beads, shells, feathers, and more! to see it in person is truly a treat- i felt as though i was walking in some sort of soft and sparkly fairy-land. i can't imagine how much time + patience it took to put it all together. a must see. ends may 31st.

anthropologie :: folding chairs

when i think of anthropologie furniture, i imagine sweet little fainting couches, fluffy tufted armchairs, or rustic distressed side tables with dainty legs. so i was a little suprised to see these simple folding chairs on the anthro website. granted, they are upholstered with some beautiful fabrics... 
i think they might make the perfect little guest chairs, considering dx and i don't have much of a living room (it's more of an office, really). i would love to offer a seat to a guest and watch them swoon when i bring out one or two of these lovelies. ah, a girl can dream...

Monday, May 18, 2009

tikoli tea towels

have you seen these darling little tea towels? they're made by tikoli, a san francisco textile company. they have several pretty patterns with cute, simple designs in fresh, modern colors. dx and i came across these at a modern economy sale last fall in portland. they were such a great deal, we had to get some. dx got 4 of the orange floral design below:

and i got 4 of these:
here's another cute pattern that i love:
you can buy these at the tikoli website for $10 a towel. a little pricey, but if you need to brighten up your kitchen, i think these might do the trick.

front page of etsy!

lookee! one of my aprons was featured on the front page of etsy! i actually had no idea that i was one of the "handpicked items" until i was tagged by another seller on flickr. it's kind of nice to be noticed...

Friday, May 15, 2009

lovely friday

it was a sunny day in portland today and it promises to be a lovely weekend too! i think i will ride my bike, get some sunshine, have some yummy breakfast at one of the many fine breakfast establishments in portland... the possibilities are endless! have a wonderful weekend too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

vintage fashion

it's vintage shopping day! well, in my fantasy-daydreams, of course. but isn't this just a lovely dress? (hey, it even looks cute on a mannequin...)

...and then i could pair it with this cute bicycle charm necklace...

...and finish it off with this vintage suede purse. 
i love shopping for vintage clothing and accessories! i would venture to call it one of my dark little obsessions. vintage shops are my candy stores. hmmm... i feel a shopping spree coming on...
all items shown are from v for vintage.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my etsy shop :: a new look

i just designed a new banner for my etsy shop- what do you think? i found the image of the tiger on the ball and thought it was, well, darling + savage. kind of perfect. i've always liked the "olde-time circus" theme, although as a sidenote: i hope they don't make tigers do tricks at the circus anymore. (they're endangered, hello?)
my etsy shop is still in the experimental stage... i haven't had much time to make new things or advertise yet, but i hope to in the near future. at the very least, it's fun to have a shop to brag about!
you can visit my shop here:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a unique wedding "theme"

this is how annie + fred decided to tie in the "B horror movie" cake idea (see last post). they chose some fun vintage B horror movie posters and gave each table it's own poster assignment. i have to admit, this was a lot more fun that just using regular table numbers.

you can kind of see the centerpieces in these photos. (i'm trying to find more!) we chose to alternate white and blue hydrangeas in corresponding aqua and clear water beads. (see pic below). the water beads were pretty cool! they start out as tiny little beads and expand in water. then we put tealights in the bottoms for a little glow. (that was annie's idea and it worked great!) i found the green fabric and cut squares for the tables for a little extra color. when the room was darkened, everything sparkled and glowed, it was very pretty. 

...and here are the escort cards! we used the movie posters to indicate table assignments for each guest. then, for a little added fun, set them on a bed of unpopped popcorn and put some decorative little popcorn bags out as well. again, i can't take credit for the popcorn idea, it was annie's. but i did make the escort cards, they turned out pretty good!

photos by derek powell.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a wild wedding cake

ok, you kinda have to know my little sister and her husband before you can understand why their wedding cake is "the hollywood hills under attack in a 'B' horror movie".  these two people are truly the funniest people i've ever known. if anyone can pull off a cake like this, it's annie and fred. i have to admit i was skeptical at first, but it was a big hit!

check out the bride + groom cake toppers! hilarious!
so, they decided to roll with the "B horror movie" theme a little more... i'll share that tomorrow!
photos by derek powell.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

wedding invitations

at last i can share the wedding invitations! i wanted to wait until after my sister's wedding to show my invitation design. i got so many compliments at the wedding, i was overwhelmed!

i've already had a request to do wedding invitations for a friend's wedding in september. i may have to do this professionally... i'm thinking about it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

annie got married

my baby sister is married!! isn't she such a beautiful bride? it was a whirlwind trip to malibu, but it was loads of fun!
and let me tell you, a wedding in malibu is not cheap. so, several family members and friends helped annie with a little diy wedding design. i ended up coordinating the effort and it was a real success! we created the centerpieces, the wedding bouquet, the boutonnieres, decorated the arbor at the wedding site, and set up the wedding programs, message cards, and escort card tables- all in a matter of about 8 hours right before the wedding. whew! 

i will be posting about annie's wedding all this week. i can't wait to share pics of all the design work we did. more tomorrow!
these amazing wedding photos were taken by wendy maybury