Monday, May 4, 2009

annie got married

my baby sister is married!! isn't she such a beautiful bride? it was a whirlwind trip to malibu, but it was loads of fun!
and let me tell you, a wedding in malibu is not cheap. so, several family members and friends helped annie with a little diy wedding design. i ended up coordinating the effort and it was a real success! we created the centerpieces, the wedding bouquet, the boutonnieres, decorated the arbor at the wedding site, and set up the wedding programs, message cards, and escort card tables- all in a matter of about 8 hours right before the wedding. whew! 

i will be posting about annie's wedding all this week. i can't wait to share pics of all the design work we did. more tomorrow!
these amazing wedding photos were taken by wendy maybury

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  1. what great fun! I love the dangly lights...did you do those too?