Monday, August 31, 2009

this is home

yay + hooray! my entry just got posted on the "this is home" contest blog! the contest ends today, so if you want to submit an entry, you'd better hurry! here is my entry ::

after today's deadline, you can visit the blog :: and vote for your favorite. there will be 10 winners that will receive a postcard pack of the winning entries :: the pack will be sold on etsy at the thisishome shop.

thanks to cindy at quaint handmade blog for the heads-up on the contest (she has an entry too!)

photo by me

Friday, August 28, 2009

love me some coffee

ahhhh... i do love my morning coffee. one may think this odd since i only drink decaf. ah, but this is the contradiction that is i, darlingsavage. you see, caffeine makes me freak out a bit, so i had to quit drinking the stuff about a year ago. actually, i used to be such a coffee addict, i had to wean myself down to decaf:: i'd order half-caff's for awhile and then gradually make the switch.

and speaking of coffee, i have started making re-usable coffee sleeves for the most wonderful coffee shop in portland, vivo espresso. shop owner tutti (i might have spelled her name wrong, sorry!) asked me to make some and she would sell them for me! sold one already, woo hoo!

i will have photos of the coffee sleeves soon, but i am currently waiting for my new camera to arrive via UPS! {i already gave my old one to my sister}. i cannot tell you how excited i am about it... just wait until i start posting the pics! you'll see what i'm so excited about!

have a wonderful weekend all!
*hugs hugs*

photo by me

Thursday, August 27, 2009


how do you say that word? gaw-ko? go-cho? anywho, i love it. i want one! but for now, i will admire the work of others. here are some etsy sellers with some real gocco talent ::

i love the idea of a mini-screenprinting machine! i have never tried any kind of screenprinting but it's on my {long} list of things to try someday. hooray gocco!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

favorite gals

i do not care one bit about celebrity lives :: what they do is their own business and i have my own life to worry about, thank you. but i just l-o-v-e the deschanel sisters. emily is so glamourous and zooey is so entirely adorable. i still have to go see zooey's new movie "500 days of summer"- i'm not sure that dx is too interested... anyone want to join me?
photo from

etsy fashion :: tortilla girl

ok, it's official :: i'm obsessed with pretty dresses. i thought it might be just a summer phase, but my love affair just grows stronger every day and i think it's going to stick around awhile. i'm particularly tickled when i find etsy sellers with gorgeous handmade gowns, and tortillagirl is one of those rare talents.

all of her pieces are beautiful, using natural fibers and perfectly adorable colors. i just love the way she ruffles, cinches, and bubbles the fabric at just the right places. just look at some of these lovelies ::

find her shop at ships from france.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sweet shoppe

a candy shoppe in Dulwich, England :: i want to spend a day in here...

hand-stamped labels- so adorable!


Monday, August 24, 2009

pretty and funny

haha, so cute!
letterpress card by sycamore street press

parasol craft

if you haven't been keeping up with the {free} online magazine parasol, then you really must have a look- it's filled with articles about independent artists, photographers, and craftspeople as well as fun tutorials and recommendations. and now, even better...

parasol creator yasmine has also put out the first issue of parasol craft, and it is simply to die for. one-hundred-and-eleven pages long, parasol craft is bigger version of parasol but also includes doll-making templates, printable mini-kits, embroidery templates, and article after article of artists showcasing their work. parasol craft is $2.50 to download, but it's totally worth it- there are no ads- and it's way better than most paper mags. here are a few more images from parasol craft ::

download parasol craft by visiting you should also have a peek at yasmine's regular blog a print a day and her oh-so-cute shop at what a talented gal!

Friday, August 21, 2009

hello weekend!

friday is here! i will be doing a bit of sewing this weekend {still working on my pinstripe wool line and some new stuff too!} i also signed up to volunteer at SCRAP on saturday- and looking forward to it! i hope everyone else has something fun to do, see you on monday!
photo by me

Thursday, August 20, 2009

fall 2009 :: prairie underground

2009 fall fashion preview! prairie underground is a small seattle-based fashion design company that creates unique apparel :: each piece is very sculptural, i just love how the material folds and gathers at just the right places. these are just a few pieces from their fall collection ::

i love the autumn colors! visit their website at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



drawing on wood by auroraleehales

red thread update

a quick update on the Red Thread Studio fundraising efforts :: the blog created to support the effort was hacked into, so a new blog was started ::
and, as of today, i will be donating 20% of my august etsy sales to the Red Thread Studio. you can visit my shop at
and see what you can do to help by visiting the Save the Red Thread blog. support independent art! buy handmade!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i'm not usually a big fan of scented soaps and perfumes and such things :: they kind of give me a headache and i quite think i smell just fine, thank you. BUT since I found these fragrant goodies, i might change my mind! tokyomilk has the most delightful product packaging i have ever seen :: a simple type with vintage images and hand-glittered details gives the product a charming appeal. and they give their products adorable little names like "i want candy", "honey and the moon", and "paper and cotton". here are just a few images of their wide range of products ::

:: parfum ::

:: petite pots of solid perfume ::

:: bon bon lip balms ::

:: travel candles ::

:: bon bon bubbling baths ::

:: perfumed soaps ::

scrumptious! and don't you just love the name "tokyomilk"?
you can link to the tokyomilk website here, but they don't sell their products on the site. sells a wide range of tokyomilk products, including a few items i didn't show, like pocket mirrors and greeting cards. i might purchase a few things, just to look at the images. and i have a feeling they probably smell pretty yummy too.