Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i'm not usually a big fan of scented soaps and perfumes and such things :: they kind of give me a headache and i quite think i smell just fine, thank you. BUT since I found these fragrant goodies, i might change my mind! tokyomilk has the most delightful product packaging i have ever seen :: a simple type with vintage images and hand-glittered details gives the product a charming appeal. and they give their products adorable little names like "i want candy", "honey and the moon", and "paper and cotton". here are just a few images of their wide range of products ::

:: parfum ::

:: petite pots of solid perfume ::

:: bon bon lip balms ::

:: travel candles ::

:: bon bon bubbling baths ::

:: perfumed soaps ::

scrumptious! and don't you just love the name "tokyomilk"?
you can link to the tokyomilk website here, but they don't sell their products on the site. www.beautyhabit.com sells a wide range of tokyomilk products, including a few items i didn't show, like pocket mirrors and greeting cards. i might purchase a few things, just to look at the images. and i have a feeling they probably smell pretty yummy too.


  1. i LOVE these...especially the perfume packaging!

  2. Oh wow. The packaging, the names, the products... Bliss.