Wednesday, August 5, 2009

portland shop series :: ink + peat

over the next few days, i will be blogging about some lovely portland shops that were kind enough to let me take photos of. my first stop is ink + peat. if you read a lot of portland blogs, you may have heard of this shop. lovely owner pam writes the fabulous blog housemartin.
walking into the shop kind of like stumbling into a fairyland with the most adorable, most exquisite, most darling objects + wares one can possibly imagine. take a look ::

so very lovely indeed! you can visit the ink + peat website here:
and pam's blog here: {check out yesterday's post- antique heaven!}
shop local! you never know what treasures you can find...


  1. i know, i LOVE your camera. thanks!!

  2. Ooooo Portland has been on my travel list for years. The food, music, I can add groovy shops to my trip planning.

  3. I love the housemartin's on my list of daily reads...I've never been to ink + peat...but would love to some time

    ps. I didn't know you are a portland girl...I'm in florence, oregon right now visiting my parents :)

  4. Gorgeous shots, gorgeous shop! I love those vintage seed packets.

  5. I ADORE ink+peat. I was so giddy to visit that I talked Pam into letting me shop there before the official grand opening. It's such an inspirational place!

    Your pictures of the shop are GORGEOUS!