Tuesday, August 11, 2009

coming soon :: alice in wonderland

i'm so excited! have you heard about the NEW alice in wonderland movie coming out next year? tim burton is directing the live-action disney production so the visuals are certain to be breath-taking. i have always loved lewis carrol's story of alice :: it is so incredibly magical and mysterious :: a little bit dark+ frightening and a little bit wonderous + dreamy. here are a few teaser shots of the upcoming film ::

if you like those pics, the trailer is even better!
to be released march 5, 2010. i haven't so looked forward to a film in a very long time. yay for alice!
images via wired.com, courtesy of walt disney pictures


  1. So very, very looking forward to this movie!

  2. OMG you made me day. I had NOT heard of this. First 'Where the Wild Things Are' now this ! The trailer is just how I would have thought from Tim Burton..magical and yet lusciously creepy.

  3. Ooh---this looks like such a visual feast! the casting is simply inspired---helena bonham carter will make a brilliant queen of hearts!

    but i don't know if i'll see it...the cartoon scares the bejeezus out of me!

  4. Perfect! It will be out just after your birthday... a belated gift, perhaps?