Tuesday, August 4, 2009

messenger bag + birthday gifts

my little sister and her husband each recently had birthdays so i thought i'd get them some little gifties. i couldn't decide what to get annie- we have pretty much the same taste, so i knew it wouldn't be hard, but since this was her 30th birthday, i wanted it to be extra special. so, i made her this ::

not bad, eh?

i copied the merimekko bag style {again} but constructed it a little differently. i used extra heavy stabilizer to keep it stiff- which worked beautifully.

a zipper pouch in the front and adjustable straps.

i got her a few other things too- ya know, to put in the bag. some really cute stationary, the cutest oregon sticker ever, and a copy of "old possum's book of practical cats" by t.s. eliot which is a must-have for cat lovers :: adorable illustrations by edward gorey. if you've ever seen the musical "cats", those songs come straight from this book!

oh, and i got fred something too ::

hope i don't offend any right-coast readers! :) } found at upper playground.

all packaged in painter's paper and tied with string.
isn't gift-giving fun? i am definitely not rich, but there are certain people that i must buy/make gifts for :: family, dear friends, myself on occasion, haha. my sister received her gifts yesterday and she loved them. hooray!

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  1. What a good sister you are :) Lovely, lovely gifties, and the bag is perfect!