Friday, October 29, 2010

vintage photo friday

i totally spaced 'vintage photo friday' last week, so i have two vintage halloween-ish photos for you today! i think these are actually from a masquerade ball {not sure they celebrated halloween in 1950's germany}, but same principle, right? dress up + have fun!

this is my grandma & a friend of hers as... um, a gypsy and a spanish flamenco dancer? i think.
and here is grandma + grandpa. awww... it's nice to know that your grandparents partied a little bit too, ha.
happy halloween weekend!

striped shift

this is my kinda dress ::

the striped shift dress by annie greenabelle. now i'm desperately trying to find room in my budget for this. you all know how much i love stripes. and dresses. it's perfect!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

pigeon toe ceramics

another fabulous portland-based etsy shop :: pigeon toe ceramics. i can't believe i've never blogged about them before. i've seen their products first-hand at boutiques all over town and the quality is truly amazing ::

beautiful, no? they also sell air plants, which look simply perfect inside a little pigeon toe vase or two.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

photo sale + giveaway!

:: dear machine update ::
since i'm getting ready to send a whole batch of new photos to get printed, i thought it would be a good time to clear out my photography shop! i just revised my pricing and everything is 30% off- that includes 4 x 6's, 5 x 7's, 8 x 10's and even postcards!


i will be having a photo giveaway every wednesday from now until december 22nd!
here is this week's giveaway :: two 4 x 6 prints

1) le macaron violette
2) morning hydrangea
you don't have to do anything fancy to enter, just leave a comment + contact information and, if you so desire, spread the word!
the giveaway closes next tuesday, november 2nd at 10pm pacific time. the next giveaway will be held november 3rd.
i love giveaways. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

nature is magic

does nature ever stop you in your tracks? sometimes i'll see a beautiful flower or plant and just marvel at it. i've seen this plant before but never had my camera handy, until just last week. i don't know what this is, but the little colored buds are amazing... all different shades of blue-green against a tiny, bright fuchsia bloom. extraordinary.

even autumn brings nature to life in some magical ways.

new baker's twine!

oooh, i love baker's twine. i use it all the time to wrap etsy orders, decorate crafts, and embellish all kinds of little giftees. and i'm totally excited for divine twine's new "air mail" inspired baker's twine. red, white + blue! i'm suddenly feeling a bit patriotic...
coming soon from divine twine!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

vintage halloween goodies

i've had these cute little vintage paper goodies for awhile, i think they're from my grandmother's collection. darling, aren't they?

since i'm starting to amass quite the collection of vintage objects, i think it might be time to sell a few things.

shall i start a fourth etsy shop to sell vintage wares? ha! {hmmm..... *scratching head like monkey*.}

well, i've went ahead and listed this lot in my paper + pinafore shop anyway, since halloween is like, um, next week.

see the full description in the shop! or just enjoy these images. :)
happy happy weekend! happy birthday mom!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

cart before the horse

let's face it- dolls are creepy. but these are no ordinary dolls. in fact, portland-based business cart before the horse refers to them as "folk art dolls". and i think they are absolutely charming. in a slightly creepy sort of way.

visit the cart before the horse etsy shop :: they have lots of {creepy} halloween-ish dolls posted, so now's the time to get one!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


my little darlings are almost full-grown cats! *sniff sniff* it seems like only yesterday when they fit in the palm of my hand.

sebastian is at least 2 lbs heavier than his sister, so we've nicknamed him "pork chop".

and wee little feist is still a dainty lady so we call her "string bean". since she was the runt of the litter, we think she's always going to be small.
we bought them a plush pet bed, but they prefer these old wooden crates. ah, cats. personalities & all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

diamond in the rough

the more i listen to marina and the diamonds, the more i love her. she's got a bit of an 80's sound without being annoyingly retro. and she's terribly cute.

Friday, October 15, 2010

how to make a berry pie {with your kittens}

vintage photo friday

this photo of my grandmother was taken in 1951- right before she left germany for america. pretty lady! love the outift- she looks so classy, like the german-countryside gal that she was. miss you, meine oma.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

new! aprons made with vintage fabrics

i just listed these handmade half-aprons in the darling savage shoppe :: each one is made with all vintage fabrics ::

these were fun to make :: i love working with vintage fabrics! thank you to dx for the fabulous product photos {i was busy being a model, ha}.

a giveaway winner!

thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered the giveaway! what sweet comments you left! and extra special thanks to those who follow my blog, follow my tweets, heart my shop, and appreciate my work. my heart feels 10 times bigger today. :)

the winner of the paper goods set is lianne!
thanks again everyone! you can order these items from the paper + pinafore shop if you can't live without 'em.
xo, havilah

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

vintage stamps

gah, i just couldn't help myself...

i certainly don't need to buy vintage stamps... but when i discovered the paper nickel stamp company, i couldn't stop thinking about them! so, i placed a small order and received a handful of gorgeous, mint-condition old stamps. the photo above are some of my favorites.
i'll probably hang on to them for awhile, maybe use them for extra-special mailings. the only downside is that the postage for each stamp is a pretty small amount, so you'd need 4 or 5 to send a standard letter. well, the more the merrier, right?