Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my vintage october dress

you like? i picked this up from flutter last week and decided it was the perfect autumn dress. and so i had dx take a few pictures of me wearing it with sort of a "halloween" theme. {and yes, this black cat is none other than mr. sebastian from the litter we found in april (they grow so fast!)}

i think sebastian was planning his escape here... in fact, we had to take about 50 photos because he was wiggling around so much! silly boy.

here's a full view :: i just love this dress! it's wool, so it's warm enough to wear as the weather gets colder. yay for fall!


  1. pretty dress!! i love these photos.. the balloon is an adorable touch!

  2. super cute! is it itchy? i just got a vintage wool skirt and its super scratchy. i need to sew in a liner.. your cats are getting so big!

  3. that dress is adorable on you!

  4. I do like the dress, if it's missing, it's probably cause I stole it.