Wednesday, August 12, 2009

recycled wedding dress

it is a shame, really. wedding dresses are bought for hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars and only used once. some green-thinking gals might buy a used dress or an eco-friendly dress to help reduce this kind of wastefulness. but these dresses take eco-consciousness to an entirely new level :: dresses made from recycled materials. i just love these :: so imaginitive, so stylish and really, really 'green'.

this dress is made entirely from teabags and coffee filters. and a little bit of tulle and ribbon. {see the teacups and teapot mounted on the skirt? delightful!}

photos from made by ang

this dress was made from used denim jeans and then bleached {eek, maybe not entirely eco-friendly}. it's quite pretty, really. especially the details ::

photos from discarded to divine 06

and this next dress was created by designer gary harvey :: it is made from 40 copies of a danish newspaper. love the skirt!

photo from

i really do adore seeing non-traditional revisions made on very-traditional items, such as the wedding dress. i especially love the fact that these designs promote environmental ideals. so, are you wondering, would i actually wear one of these to my own wedding?
yes, i would. in a heartbeat.


  1. Wow i love these dresses i have just wrote a post on recylced dresses because for my Gcse art textiles i have to make a pillow or bag made out of recycled materials! I have no ideas what to make it out of! I lovve the tea bag idea! Have a look on my blog at some more amazing dresses it's so clever. Please leave a comment on them x x x

  2. Im kind of young and i would like to be a fashion designer when i grow up i think what gary harvey does is brilliant and i would love to know how he does it, keep up the good work

  3. I am only researching this as part of a homework. I have never realised how beautiful recycled dresses can be! I have particularly loved Gary Harvey and Recycled Runway (Nancy Judd). In fact, I have had such trouble choosing just one designer that I think I may have to choose many designers to research!