Friday, May 21, 2010

i wanna go shopping

hi! i'm here!
my blog appearances have been spotty lately, to say the least. i have been incredibly busy for the past few weeks running my wedding invitation business, raising kittens, and trying to add new items to the darling savage shop! it seems i'm always working when i could really use a day for fun + frivolity. wait, i know- i'm going shopping! right here, right now.

let's see... ooh, i want these ::

these adorable patterned mail kits available at present & correct.

this book. available here.

these darling wooden doily coasters by uncommon

this "healing" art print by shirae
this stripe brenda dress by cabbages and roses. looks so comfy!

and that's just a start. aw, darn, back to reality. well, reality isn't so bad when you get to work at home with kittens sleeping on your lap.... actually, it's not a bad thing at all. :)


  1. nope, not at all. and, you're the boss. enjoy your weekend!

  2. that print is so wonderful. i'm in love with the colors. great list!

    xo Alison