Tuesday, September 1, 2009

blog feature :: 74 lime lane

i discovered the 74 lime lane blog one day when someone suggested that i google myself to see what came up. that's how i found out that australian blogger kellie had written a lovely post about me! so, of course, i checked out her blog and it's wonderful! kellie creates free printable downloads, really cute ones like these ::

... and takes beautiful pictures! she created a really fun project for herself called the 365 project. she aims to take one photo a day for 365 days- such a great idea. here are a few of her lovely photos ::

lots more photos at kellie's flickr site. and she adores pretty packaging just as much as i do! take a look at these lovely packages she put together ::

so talented! i'll be adding this to my blogroll.
visit her blog at 74limelane.com.au

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  1. How lovely of you! Thanks so much for your very kind words!