Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wedding paper goods

happy tuesday!
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! i spent the weekend working, but don't worry: dx and i will be taking a few days vacation later this week. so, let me show you what i was working on...

wedding program fans for my friend, felicity! yes, those are popsicle sticks, i couldn't really think of a more elegant item to use for a handle- they're cute anyway, right? dx had to help me with the engineering of these- to make sure the stick held in place and that the whole thing held together. there's actually a second stick inside, providing structure. and lots of double-stick tape.

i also made these table cards for felicity, with areas in/around los angeles as the table names. the colors and design match her wedding invitations, which i will reveal after her wedding. {soon!}

it's always fun to work on wedding paper items! so....
i will be opening up a second etsy shop, dedicated to wedding invitations and other paper goods. i'm calling it "paper + pinafore". i'll be taking the next few weeks getting the shop set up, so i will definitely announce the opening date soon! hooray!

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  1. i love the fan idea! very clever! can't wait to see the invitations.