Friday, September 4, 2009

cat + mouse

wow, it's been an emotional day and it's not even half over! i woke up feelin' a little out-of-sorts, you know those days? realizing that my goose-down comforter was actually necessary to keep me warm last night, that summer is on it's way out, that i have loads of work to do today...
i went to go run an errand a couple of hours ago and was almost home when i saw a cat lying down in the middle of the street. aw, cute kitty... wait a second... there's a mouse next to the kitty... and it's not moving much. i snapped a quick pic {i mean, how often do you see a cat and mouse sitting next to eachother in the middle of the street?}

i rushed over to the mousie- he was still alive, but in shock. and naughy kitty was obviously not done playing with it. i shooed kitty away, scooped up the mouse into my camera bag {leaving my nice, new camera unprotected, but hey, it's a cute little mouse} and brought him home. i transferred him to a cardboard box and he actually seemed to perk up a bit and move around.

presently, he and the cardboard box are in a little greenspace behind my apartment. i left a bit of food and some crumpled paper to hide him from predators until he's ready to come out. i'm so nervous! i hope he gets out okay. i'll post an update later... poor 'lil mousie.


  1. I would have done the same thing! We're a dying breed ;)

  2. I used to get mice in my old apartment and I would catch them in a box and release them outside. They are so tiny!