Thursday, September 24, 2009

cold weather fashion

well, i can't live in denial forever... fall is officially here and i am in desperate need of a new fall/winter coat. i've had a lovely charcoal-colored gap coat for years, but the poor thing is looking a bit worn. now, let's see what i can find {and what i can afford!} ::

cotton candy double breasted coat from ruche {only $45.99! that seems too good to be true...}

kimchi blue hooded dress coat in ivory by urban outfitters $138. if it's as warm as it looks, that seems reasonable...

this is one cute. maybe too cute. oh, {choke, gasp} it's $528. yep, that's a little to "cute" for me.

taffeta weave trench by tulle {marked down from $115 to only $46!} it doesn't look terribly warm, but i like the pretty bow.

eh, maybe i should just go back to the gap. actually, perhaps a vintage coat is just what i need. ooh yes, time to go vintage clothes shopping! {my favorite pastime.}


  1. I love coats. A lot. I saw the most awesome fall coat ever at Kate Spade yesterday (I cannot find it to link to, which is probably best for everyone), and I wanted it so bad, but I was afraid I might end up divorced if I took it home.

  2. crap. I just found it. Can I borrow $895?

  3. that is adorable. but not, uh, $895 adorable. i just bought a coat at buffalo exchange today for $18. !!! i'll post a pic, it's just a crime what i paid for this thing. ;)

  4. Oh, I love hooded dress coat! So stylish and cozy looking.