Monday, September 21, 2009

my favorite etsy shop :: chet and dot

i've been a big, big fan of chet and dot for as long as i've been a part of the portland craft community. not only does this shop have THE cutest wares i've ever seen, but you can find a little bit of everything there :: bags + purses, plush softies, art, accessories, jewelry, paper goods... and a lot more. look at some of these adorable items ::

stuffed softie josephine jelly bean

is that not the cutest stuff you've ever seen?
i've had the pleasure of meeting the multi-talented chet and dot owner jen at a couple of craft shows and she is always so wonderfully sweet. and i seriously have to hold myself back from buying everything from her table.
you can visit the shop at
and jen's cute blog at


  1. Ooh i love it all! They are so cute, and that pistachio pincushion looks good enough to eat! Love the blog btw, i am a friend of Pic 'n' Mix i know you've visited her site! :)

  2. thanks for visiting! yes, i just adore all of these cute softgoods. and the colors are all so soft and sweet. :)

  3. You're not kidding! These are indeed some of the cutest things ever. And it's all just one amazing woman?! Wowza.