Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i just have to share the gift i got for jenny last week- this sweet little handcrafted bowl made by puji sherer. it seems that puji sells exclusively to noun, a darling little SE portland shop, so she doesn't have a website i can link to. but if you find this bowl as lovely as i do, then go straight to noun and you'll probably find a few more, if they haven't sold out. here's a side view...

cute little birdy imprints!

i wrapped the bowl very simply with a few layers of tissue paper and- you may be surprised- the brown paper is actually painting paper- you know, that stuff that house painters use to tape off windows and other paint-free areas. it worked beautifully but it's rather thin (and a bit see-through), so i would only recommend using it as wrapping paper if you double it with a layer or two of tissue paper. i printed 'jenny' using some alphabet rubber stamps and finished it off with some of that candy-stripe string. pretty cute, right?

i copied the alphabet stamping onto the card envelope (i made the card and forgot to photograph it!) and used a little brown paper bag to hold the gift, finishing it off with a little handmade gift tag. i love gift-giving! the packaging is half of the fun!

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  1. what a great gift! beautiful bowl + I love the way you wrapped it!!