Friday, June 5, 2009

the colorful kitchen

i love to cook, but i have this fantasy that cooking would be so much more fun if i had pretty, colorful kitchenware and utensils. of course, the pretty stuff is usually more expensive, but they're also top-quality, like some of these ::

i am madly in love with these le creuset enamled cast iron cookware colors. i can't decide if i would get the carribean blue, the flame orange, or the kiwi green. i think i could design a whole kitchen around these colors!

and, of course, kitchenaid makes lots of products in fun, vibrant colors {i would get the pink mixer, but i don't think dx would like that much- he bakes a lot more than me, so he gets to pick the color, ha.}

these sur la table enameled collanders are cute- can i get one of each?

and you just have to love the pantone storage jars made by typhoon housewares, a uk company that makes all kinds of stylish kitchen products- their website is lots of fun to browse.

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