Tuesday, June 9, 2009

comfy summer sandals

now, i am a female and like many gals i do enjoy lovely shoes, but being a narrow-footed bike- commuter, i rarely ever buy shoes that a) are not completely comfortable, b) i can't bike in and c) are high heels. summer shoe shopping is even more difficult because my foot simply slips out of anything that does not hold my heel in place and flip-flops are too uncomfortable between my toes. so, i've searched the web and found some comfy, cute footwear that i can wear with most of my summer outfits ::

j-41 dune sandals from rei :: $89 ( i really like these!)

argila ella sandals from ped shoes :: $364 (yikes, out of my price range, but so cute!)

those were hard to find! and i was looking for pretty colors, but not a lot of success with my strict footwear parameters. but i'll keep looking.


  1. I just got a pair of J41s at REI on clearance for less than $40 (mine are blue).

    Of course, you probably know I really love my high heels!

  2. oh my! i'm going to rei! and yes, you are the shoe queen, i bow to you.

  3. of course I love the expensive ones the most...though I'm a big fan of j-41 shoes...I wear them when I travel and am going to do a ton of walking!

  4. I am totally impressed with the designs.!! Both pair are looking absolutely stunning. Those sandals would be perfect for summer.