Monday, June 15, 2009

croquet in the park

jenny's 30th birthday party on saturday turned out to be a fabulous affair complete with croquet, mint juleps, and some impressive 1920's attire. dx and i had loads of fun sipping drinks and socializing. here are some more pics of the soiree ::

that's me posing with a parasol and, um, some fine beverage...

that's dx looking handsome in suspenders and cap...

there's the birthday girl in a lovely dress she picked up on etsy- so authentic! love the hat and green sandals too...

the croquet game that never quite got finished (the park terrain was a little bumpy, ha).

it was a lovely day and we had a wonderful time dressing up. what a fun way to turn 30!


  1. yay! it was so fun! thanks for taking pictures!

  2. I had some of that brand of fine beverage in Bend a few weekends ago. Yum!