Monday, June 22, 2009

garage sale treasures

i love garage sales! dx and i just visited the eagerly-awaited annual laurelhurst neighborhood garage sale this weekend. we love treasure-hunting! we didn't find much at first until i happened upon a sweet old lady's yard with loads of antique treasures. i spent about $10 there and got lots of vintage buttons, trim, thread, and cute little paper goods. here are a few pics of some of my favorite finds ::

bias tape and rick rack

vintage thread on wooden spools! pretty colors too...

i got that larger fabric sample for 25 cents

fun little gift tags, tiny cards, and vintage sticky-stars.

and the big find of the day?... a sewing machine for $5! it looked kind of old, but i thought, 'you can't go wrong for $5!' only, it doesn't work. rats. i might take it in to be looked at, but probably won't fix it for more than $30. oh well... all in all, we had a great time. now, what to do with all these treasures...?

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