Saturday, July 25, 2009

vintage summer dress

this is it! my mother's summer dress, circa 1970's-80's. pink gingham with a ruffled bottom and cinched just below the shoulders. boy, i sure tried to squeeze into that thing, but it just wouldn't zip up...

here's a detail of the front piece- cute eyelet fabric and embroidery! i just had to make it fit! so, i took out a few stitches from the sides, made a few new ones, and....

hooray! it fits! thank goodness there was a little extra fabric at the interior seams. it's a bit of a tight squeeze, but who needs to breathe when you look this cute? {kidding}
summer social, here i come!


  1. That dress is a-mazing! And you look darling in it, not uncomfortable at all. My mom has the most amazing handmade wedding dress from the 70s, complete with a matching cropped jacket and drapey hood. Love this style of dress.

  2. Wow!! It's so pretty vintage style dress!! It looks so cool on you!! Lovable!!