Wednesday, July 8, 2009

craft show preview :: clutches

here are some clutches/pouches i made {not sure what to call them yet}. i used natural linen + various pretty fabrics together and lined the interiors with solid colored fabric. the buttons are all vintage from my grandmother's collection. an elastic loop fits around the buttons for closure. i think they are pretty darling, if i say so myself. :)

dx suggested i call them 'love letter pouches". i think that's a pretty cute idea, i might just do that.

if you're in portland on sunday, stop by crafty wonderland to see all my handmade goods!


  1. you may, and they are darling. wish you all the best this weekend!

  2. ps. if you don't sell that coral/orange one at the top will you save it for me. im pretty sure i need it just because its pretty!

  3. oh yes, i will gladly save it for you, my dear!