Thursday, July 16, 2009


i have recently come to the conclusion that i am afraid of purple. there's nothing wrong with the color, it seems to be quite fashionable, actually. but it's true, i don't own a stitch of purple clothing, nor do i have anything purple in my apartment. this might be due to the fact that, as a pre-teen i had a lavender bedroom. {yeeesh.} and when you're over your pre-teens, you're over them.
so, i'm going to explore this neglected color a bit- perhaps this will serve as therapy for me to get over my purple-phobia, ha ::

dress by larimeloom {one of my favorite etsy sellers!}
shoes by simple

liberty print by liberty
lamp from creations lighting

via bijou kaleidoscope

bedding from anthropologie

ok, i think that helped a bit. now i just have to take the plunge and actually purchase something purple. i think maybe a scarf or earrings could be a good start...


  1. Purple is flattering on everyone, I think. I have a favourite purple summer dress in a jersey fabric, and I get compliments on it all the time. I think I normally shy away from wearing purple because it seems like a rather indulgent colour, and I usually stick to whites and greys. That lampshade is wonderful.

  2. havilah,
    this is so funny!! you are right about getting over our past color fears. the thing I love about purple is that there are so many variations of it. i have found that lilac used to be my purple in the 90's but now I gravitate toward eggplant and plum.

  3. Yay purple! I love it :) (as evidenced by the dress I had on at the Social hehe)