Thursday, August 12, 2010

print your own fabric

i am giddy with excitement! i just discovered spoonflower, a website that lets users upload their own fabric designs and have them printed :: what a fabulous idea!
fabric designers can choose to make their designs public so that anyone can purchase yardage of that design. i, of course, browsed the website a wee bit {for like, an hour} and here are some of my favorite designs for available for purchase::

{this one might be my favorite fabric ever}

"Fleur de Cuillère" by heatherdutton

"shrooms 2" by jadegordon

"spoon_flower_cakes" by daniellehanson

"untitled" by kventura

now, if i could just find time to design fabric... i'll just add it to my list of "things i'd love to do but i'd have to forgo sleep", along with "learn how to screenprint", "start dreamweaver tutorials", & "write three blog posts a day". ha!

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  1. this is excellent! thanks for sharing :)

    and i hope that one day you do find time to design fabric!