Tuesday, August 24, 2010

etsy storefront design

curating your own etsy shop is a tricky business. you not only want your products to look good, but your banner + avatar ought to be pretty impressive as well if you really want to grab a potential customer's attention.
most etsians are artistic enough to make their own banners and digital designs but for some, a little help is needed in the area of computer graphics. thankfully, there are etsy shops set up to help with this very issue. i'd like to showcase my favorite two:

these designs are offered by 1sweetorange, a very lovely etsy shop specializing in etsy shop banners. i really like the simplicity, the neutral tones, the basic fonts- nothing frilly or distracting. just good design.

these impressive designs are offered by ohmeohmydesign, another etsy storefront shop. this individual is obviously a graphic design professional with a variety of different style options. but again, they're all simple + natural :: the text is well-placed, the designs are modern yet timeless.

sadly, i have to mention, these were the only two etsy shop designers on etsy that were worthy enough (in my opinion) to even blog about. well, that's the beauty of etsy, i suppose :: anyone can open a shop no matter how good (or, um, bad) an artisan they are. and if you haven't heard of regretsy yet, well, if you're a part-time cynic like me, it's worth a peek... you'll see.

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