Thursday, August 5, 2010


a couple of weeks ago, i was walking through the neighborhood on my daily "coffee-walk" when i spotted a box placed out on the sidewalk with "free" written across it. cheapskate that i am, i went over to investigate and behold :: there it was, waiting for me :: a beautiful polaroid camera.

i quickly glanced around to make sure nobody else had sights on my newfound treasure, scooped it up + brought it home. i should mention though that when i found it, the camera was "decorated" with bits of broken mirror {no doubt some teenage "art" experiment} so it took a bit of cleaning {and a couple of nasty cuts- ouch!} but here it is- my polaroid camera.

so now it's time to buy some film!! thanks to the impossible project, this is now... um,... possible. the only problem is, film is expensive! i'm worried that i'll buy the film and then be too scared to take any photos {i'm kind of type-A like that}. but i'm super excited to try it out:: and, of course, i'll be posting my photos right here.


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  2. I've always felt that way about film. It was so expensive for a young adult and then the processing. I was so careful - but it always turned out just fine.