Monday, August 16, 2010

matryoshka monday

our favorite little russian doll fits perfectly in this typeset tray :: she looks quite cozy, don't you think? i found the tray at a vintage shop in portland for -get this- only $9! i gotta tell you, that made my day. i love browsing at vintage shops but i especially love a good deal.

happy monday!


  1. My grandparents used to have something like this in their house full of little figurines. I think they took it down when my brother and I started thinking that they were all toys for us to play with. Great find.

  2. just stumbled upon your's darling. happy to find you, hope you stop by and say hello!


  3. that's a steal if i ever saw one. can't wait to see how you fill it up!

  4. love it! my mother in-law got me one of these for Christmas and it's my favorite. you scored a great deal!