Monday, October 26, 2009

postcard packs :: now on etsy!

remember the postcard contest i entered a couple of months ago? well, i was one of ten finalists that had my postcard design published and they are now available at the 'this is home' shop on etsy! the postcards are separated into two packs- my design {the russian dolls above} is in Postcard Pack 1.

all of the entries were so lovely and i am truly honored to have my design in the company of such talented artists and photographers!
see the contest entries and finalists at the this is home blog


  1. Congratulations! Your design is lovely, as is the entire series.

  2. That is FANTASTIC. Congratulations. I really did like yours the best. The bear was my second choice so I am glad they are in the same pack. You must be thrilled.

  3. That's awesome! I love your postcard.