Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i am not a model

and i have the pictures to prove it!

so, i saw this dress on modcloth a few weeks ago and, you know that feeling when you instantly fall in love with a piece of clothing and your heart swoons and the angels sing and other such things? that's how i felt about this dress. i love the neckline, love the drape, love the buttons down one side. so, i thought i should model it as soon as it arrived. well, dx was not around so i set up the tripod and set the timer on the camera and here are your un-professional results.

notice how white my legs look? they're like, glowing. oh, and look at the shoes too. i bought those at a vintage store for $8. i call them my "cinderella shoes".

i'm a model in real life, can you tell by my original poses? {not really, i'm just a big dork}
but i do love the dress. although i think i might replace the buttons with something pretty like pale yellow or vintage pink. and now, of course, i need to find an occasion to wear it...