Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it's your world, i'm just a squirrel

i love squirrels! they are so cuddly cute with their puffy tails and beady little eyes. i was on a morning walk a couple weeks ago and was lucky enough to snap these photos of the little devils. stocking up for winter, of course. and the other usual mischief, no doubt.

these are two squirrels playing together. although it kind of looks like one really long squirrel.

this is my favorite. i like to think this is mr. squirrel's morning greeting, "hallo there! have a most wonderful day!". but it looks more like he's wishing that human would go away so he could collect his winter stores with a little peace and quiet. probably the latter. {it's okay, i still love you mr. squirrel! xo}


  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with these pictures! The last one is especially gorgeous and fun.

    My mom gets a lot of squirrels in her yard, and she loves watching them so much that she had my stepdad build a few squirrel houses for them in the trees, and now it's a high squirrel traffic area. We call it the Squirrel Condominium.

  2. wow! the last picture is indeed beautiful :) i love it! :) (stumbled upon your blog, hope you dont mind if i follow your blog :) )

  3. Oh these pics just made my day! The sun, the leaves, the squirrels! Just beautiful. Thank you!

  4. Amanda- that's hilarous, i would love the idea of a "squirrel condominium", ha.

    Karen- thanks for the follow and the kind words!

    SC- thanks, glad you like the pics. ;)