Friday, October 30, 2009

happy hallow's eve

i hope everyone has a fun halloween tomorrow! i have a few party invitations but dx is not really excited about dressing up... maybe i'll throw a sheet over his head and drag him out of the house. :)
here are a few things to check out if you plan on spending some cozy time indoors this weekend ::
more cute kitten pictures by me! {you can't resist!}
download the brand new parasol magazine here {it's free!}
darling engagement photos on snippet and ink
a very clever halloween costume for a boy in a wheelchair, liam
oh, and happy anniversary to j + a! {you know who you are}

photo by lifelovepaper


  1. thanks girl! i'm not dressing up either. we were going to go as raleigh st. clair and dudley from royal tenenbaums but i don't have time to find an outfit...p.s. those kittens are too cute!

  2. haha, those would have been awesome costumes!