Wednesday, April 8, 2009

weddings: they're a lot of work, but...

are they worth it? over the years, i have watched many friends + family plan their own weddings and they all say the same thing: "we should have eloped".  except the ones that went to vegas. they all say, "i'm so glad i got married in vegas." hmmmm. 
so, i have decided to do one of two things when/if i decide to get married (not entirely sold on that one either). 1. elope or 2. have a super simple wedding. i found these images of simple, unique wedding photos that inspire me. maybe getting married isn't entirely out the the question.

from top to bottom, photos via librariandear, ipacackitty, one love 


  1. Brad & I did super-simple (because he didn't want to elope). We had my parents & sister, his dad, the officiant at Multnomah Falls. It was simple & beautiful. A few days later, we had a pizza party for friends & family at Old Town Pizza (which is where, incidentally, I met Derek for the 1st time). It was (including rings, dress, officiant, reception, marriage license, etc.) less than $1,000 total. The only thing I would do differently is go wedding dress shopping with friends. I didn't have any in PDX at the time!

  2. ooh, nice! now that's what i think of when i say "simple wedding". less than $1000! i could work with that budget.

  3. Simple is good! So much less headache... although maybe mine was a little too simple. :-)