Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh how i love jill bliss

last sunday i attended portland's famous crafty wonderland show and was pleasantly suprised to see that the amazing jill bliss had a table there! since i am a huge fan, i suddenly felt all shy, like i was in the presence of a celebrity. (well, she kind of is, in the art+craft+handmade world) but i just had to say something, so i told her i saw her in the movie handmade nation on saturday and it was wonderful. she said thanks but that she should have brushed her hair when they were filming. i told her i thought she looked great. i talked to jill bliss!! i feel so important.
check out some of her adorable handmade wares: 

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she also has a blog and etsy site. 

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  1. thats great you got to chat with miss bliss! I wish i could have gone to the movie. looks like it was a great event