Monday, April 6, 2009

handmade nation!

i was lucky enough to get tickets to the saturday showing of "handmade nation" here in portland! the movie was great- it followed several artists and crafters from around the country, speaking about the rise of the handmade movement and their views on art + business and how the indie culture has played a role in the popularity of handmade craft.
i thought the movie was a lot of fun to watch and i really felt connected to the subject. i did happen to overhear some older gals (in their 50's, 60's) comment on the movie's demographic. "they think they're doing something new?" one said. it is true that craft is not a new phenomenon, that people (particulary women) have been doing these things for centuries. but on the same token, many young artists are putting a new spin on craft + DIY and have revived an art form that many of us used to scoff at when we were younger. but we do owe our moms and grandmas a little thanks too.
i highly recommend this movie! check out the website for more info:
and filmmaker Faythe Levine's blog:

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