Monday, July 19, 2010

matryoshka monday

hello + happy monday!
today i am starting a new weekly feature called "matryoshka monday" :: starring that cute little russian nesting doll from my postcard print in the 'darling savage' shop. she's so famous, in fact, that she has even been featured on this etsy front page ::

but she doesn't let the fame get to her head- while she could spend her time signing autographs, she'd rather spend a sunny afternoon basking next to some colorful friends after a trip to the farmer's market ::

she'll be back next week to share some more adventures!
"счастливый понедельник!"
{copy/paste the above to here for translation}


  1. this is so precious! what a creative idea!! love it. thanks for stopping by g.s. love having you! :)

  2. wonderful idea and congrats on the etsy front page!

  3. hehe! so cute! :) i love your blog! <3