Thursday, July 15, 2010

baby robin

isn't a robin's egg the most gorgeous blue you've ever seen? just beautiful.

i took the kittens out in the backyard to do a little exploring when i noticed a momma robin red-breast chirping fiercely at us. i suspected she might be protecting a nest, but the kittens were quite fascinated with her- and i think this was their first up-close bird experience- so i let them watch. as they crept slowly toward her {believe me, she was in no danger from these little guys} suddenly i saw a tiny movement on the ground- a baby bird had fallen from the nest! i could tell, from past experience raising orphaned baby birds, that it was a fledgling so it was just learning to fly. and the mother was probably feeding it until it's wings were strong enough to lift off. so i scooped up the kittens and headed to another corner of the yard. thankfully, they were so busy watching momma bird, they didn't even see the baby. that's nature at work. kinda stirs the heartstrings, ya know?
photo by me

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  1. such a beautiful photo and glad that little baby bird was ok. your kitties, too! enjoy your weekend!