Monday, July 5, 2010

dear machine

yes. i am crazy. insane, some might call me.
i just opened my third etsy shop :: my new baby... and i call her dear machine.

"dear machine" refers to my love for cameras and photography :: the dear machine shop is a place for me to showcase some of my personal favorite photos and see if anyone else maybe thinks they're kinda pretty too.

so, why a third etsy shop? well, i think it's more visually cohesive to keep my shops separate, since they each feature different product types :: darling savage for softgoods and accessories, paper + pinafore for wedding invitations and paper goods, and now dear machine for photographs. {yes, i have too many hobbies. and apparently, a wee bit of ambition too.}

plus, etsy is a fabulous place to test my handmade products :: it's so little effort and almost no cost to open a shop, so why not? if it doesn't work, i might lose a couple of bucks... so it's definitely worth a try.

now that i'm up and running, i'm still waiting for my first sale! so i'm offering a special for my first customer :: they can choose a free 4x6 image from any photo in the shop. {right now i just have 5x7's listed, but other sizes are available and will be posted soon!}

so next time you're browsing through etsy, don't forget to stop by dear machine and give me a heart! i will happily heart you back. :)

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  1. you are an etsy maniac!! congrats on your new shop. I think i will have to buy that persimmon print for my freshly painted kitchen wall!