Monday, November 23, 2009

new :: the "gas mask" bag collection

new to the etsy shoppe today!

these are my re-fashioned belgian army gas-mask bags. {they were actually used for carrying gas masks.} they are the perfect size to use as a small purse, with two side pockets {each about cell phone size} that i refitted with all vintage buttons. each one is lined with the fabric that you see at the top of the purse and decorated with vintage lace and a matching fabric flower pin.

again, i was trying to go for the "darling" + "savage" theme- a little bit tough and a little bit girly. i think it worked pretty well...

they all have an adjustable strap that can be fit from very long to very short for carrying across the chest or on the shoulder. they are all finished with a magnetic snap closure.

what do you think?? i picked up the bags from the local army surplus store, but they couldn't date them for me. {i was hoping they might be vintage, maybe WWII era, but they said that was unlikely, boo.} i made one for myself and it is the perfect size for quick outings on my bike. i love the olive green color too, it's far from the usual drab army color.
check out more pics in the etsy shoppe, hooray!


  1. That's what Indiana Jones' bag is! An old British MK VII gas mask bag!!
    So, this is like, the Lady Indiana Jones version!!

  2. wha???? you're right! i shall modify my marketing strategy...