Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the best of portland fashion

what do you get when you cross the hottest portland fashion designers with one of portland's most chic boutique hotels? content '09 at the ace hotel ::

the pinnacle of portland fashion week, content '09 showcased portland's best fashion designers in their very own hotel rooms, many of which were decorated to follow the theme of each designer's line. and each room featured live models wearing the lovely ensembles on display.

gorgeous, no? i wish i could have gone, it looks like it would have been amazing to see in person! why didn't i go? eh... well, i couldn't decide what to wear. lame, i know.
*all photos from the sunroom by urban weeds*
**see lots more fabulous photos at the sunroom**


  1. I went! It was great fun but so crowded that it was difficult to see much of the designer's rooms. More scene than show. My favorite was Church & State.

  2. nice! i was wondering how crowded it would be... maybe next year i'll check it out. i love church & state.