Thursday, November 5, 2009

kitten update

i got such a big response from my kitten story a couple weeks ago, i thought it was about time for an update. so far, three of the five kitties have been adopted, leaving only larry {above} and olaf {third pic down}. i'm actually surprised that larry wasn't the first to go... this little guy has to be the funniest kitten i've ever met. for one thing, he likes to take over the dog bed...

...also, he plays really hard and then just falls asleep wherever he happens to be at the time :: under the couch, in the middle of the floor, on top of one of his siblings. like my brother said, he and his wife "often see a kitten acting like a fool and ask 'who is that?' and it's almost always larry."

olaf is definitely the shyest but he's coming around. he's not afraid of the dog at all and he loves to play with his siblings, but he's a bit wary when it comes to people. we're trying to find a potential owner that understands that it will take a little time to earn his trust. but he loves to sleep next to a warm body, so he will undoubtedly be a lap cat in no time.

see what i mean about larry? what a goofball.
if you know anyone in the portland area that might want a kitten, please let me know! also, see my brother's adoption blog and this video for a little peek at jasper {the pup} and armando {adopted} playing around. it's pretty cute.

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