Saturday, December 4, 2010

new dreamy photos

i had lots of fun giving away photos last month! the winner of the last giveaway is liz. and now i'd like to debut even more new photos, available right now in the dear machine shop!


i really love these photos- can you tell i've added a bit of a dreamy quality to my new prints? i definitely take my inspiration from vintage photographs- a little yellowed & overexposed. it's all done digitally for now, but i hope to experiment with actual vintage photography sometime soon. when i trust my skills enough to know i won't be wasting film. :)

more new photos soon!


  1. GREAT PHOTOS! Especially the "with love" and the "l'artiste" photos! :D Simply gorgeous!

  2. they are wonderful ... especially, love the l'artiste!

  3. nice photos, and you shouldn't be afraid to try film...mosttimes it's the prints that start off as mistakes that end up looking the best(there are actually some film prints on my blog that developing errors that are my favorites). if you've got a good eye (which it seems like you do!) you'll be fine.

  4. Gosh, all of photos is too sweet ! :)