Monday, November 1, 2010

le chat noir

i probably should have posted these yesterday {halloween and all} but i think my little black cats are more cute than spooky- don't you agree?
aren't they so well-behaved? actually, dx and i were quite amazed- i was setting up a table to take some more macaron photos {coming soon!} and, as cats are prone to do, they both hopped right in the way. so i started snapping photos while dx danced beside me, distracting them long enough to snap some great pics!
feist is in front + sebastian in back. see little feist's single white whisker? she had two- one of both sides- but the other one fell out! i really hope it comes back, she looked like a little walrus-kitty.
and here is mr sebastian. what a handsome boy! he always sort of has that bewildered look on his face, which i find utterly adorable.
if you haven't heard the kitten story yet, click here to see these guys {and their sisters} at 2 weeks old! and you can see lots more kitten pics at my flickr site.
happy november!!


  1. they are so elegant and their eyes just seem to glow. gorgeous!

  2. i love these cat portraits. way to seize the opportunity!

  3. aww your kittehs are so adorable! definitely not spooky :) they sure know how to work the camera hehe

  4. those eyes! black cats are so beautiful.