Tuesday, November 9, 2010

holiday market time!

it's that time of year!
last friday night, jenny & i had the absolute pleasure of helping set up for the little winter market in portland, which took place over the weekend. we also attended the pre-sale party and chatted with market organizers chelsea from frolic blog + abby from abby try again. it was so fun + everything looked incredible! {check out those links for more info + photos. top photo by shanna murray}


more big portland crafty holiday news- the crafty wonderland pop-up shop opened today!

i haven't dropped by yet, but they posted a few photos on their e-newsletter {which i copied over here- credit to the photographer} ... doesn't it look like so much crafty goodness?!

i have to admit, i'm in the holiday spirit already. funny, i've spent the past several years feeling only mildly excited about the holidays, but i'm definitely getting back into it now. especially when there are so many indie artists out there offering amazing gift ideas!


  1. You rule!
    Thanks for all your hard work xo abby

  2. I wish I had taken photos at little winter! At least we have our photo booth pics! i'm going to check out the CW pop up shop today after lunch!

  3. I am completely kicking myself for missing the little winter market. It seems so great in all the recap photos. I am heading to the crafty pop-up shop this weekend. A friend of my is selling her clothes there and I'm so excited to see them!

  4. i need to move to portland for these wonderful events if not move there. maybe the moving is too extreme ;)? enjoy your weekend!